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I tend to idle on the Recent Posts page and randomly check it when i zombie out on whatever seemly worthless code I am pecking away at any given time.
It would be cool if the Recent Post page had a bit of JS that auto refreshed the page every 30 minutes or so, so that I could randomly click my open tab and see anyone has replied or posted... i guess i could just d/l a firefox plugin that does it for me.

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Refreshers - yum!

Hi Deuce,

It's not that long ago I asked the exact same thing! Alas, I got reminded that self-refreshing sites were bad practise and as a consequence I should download a plug-in my end if I wanted that to happen.

But I agree with you, it's a nice idea Wink. I tend to sit with a book, or using Word occassionally coming back to refresh the page manually!


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ReloadEvery by any chance?

ReloadEvery by any chance?

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