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A quick suggestion,

I suggest that topics be under certain skill levels. Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and etc. This will allow visitors to select which class their skill level is, then be able to find topics better suited to thier skill. More streamlined and refined, less confusion and over all easier to target which particular issue they would like to have addressed. Just a thought.

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Hi Cyber Ninja,
Thanks for the suggestions.
As the forum evolves and more people post questions categories may become clearer.
Hey it's not even two weeks old yet. Smile
It could be hard for members to distinguish between advanced and intermediate questions.
So we may just go with a general novice category for now.
I'll wait a few days to see if any other members have suggestions.

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Forum Topic Catagories

maybe, instead of having novice pros and other levels, we can give a comment in each trick you give, telling it's a first level help, second level help, etc... and making an explanation on the levels...

first level, per example, may be used for text display
second level for display structure, etc...

because most of the novice think basically that css are for text display only.. Smile:)

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Forum Topic Catagories

I disagree strongly (in my ever so humble opinion). Categories based on skill level creates confusion; leave out all references to skill level in the categories and focus on the skill itself. (I'll think about ideas for categories and post them later.)

By the way, where would a question on using unordered lists for a menu go?

There are currently 2 categories which look very similar:
Site Structure,
What's the difference between those 2?


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Forum Topic Catagories

I concur on the skill level issue; there really is no value in dissuading people from trying things, or reading posts, and such categorisation is probably too subjective to be worthwhile.

The Site Structure and Boxes/Tables/Grids areas do sound rather similar. Perhaps these two areas deserve to be combined as "Layout Techniques", while Text Formatting could become "Format and Style". Hmm, not sure about that name...

Personally, I'd categorise your unordered list question under Text Formatting at the moment.