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Shark Daddy
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Hi, I have a(nother) IE CSS problem for anyone who can help.

Check this page out in Mozilla and Opera. Note how the menu jumps out of its containing box because of its padding settings on the sides of #menu a. Could anyone point me in the direction to let IE do this as well (as it is reading the padding setting as less important than its width of 100 px and ignoring it)?

And while you're at it, any suggestions? Smile

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How do I get a similar padding interpretation in IE?

Hi Shark Daddy,
Well I tried a few things but couldn't get the same affect in IE.

To me the site looks fine either way so spending to much time trying to figure this out seems pointless.

I'd suggest an ie only hack but I'm not sure how to get ie to display it correctly without using positioning and z-index, which would mean rewritting most of the site anyway.

Sorry I can't think of anything to help. Sad
Maybe someone else will come up with something.