I grew up in Townsville and used to spend all of the school holidays on Magnetic Island at my grandparents place. Now days we live about 1300km away and haven't made the effort to visit for about 8 years.

Last weekend was my uncles 80th birthday, so we had a family reunion at the old house on Magnetic Island. My children got to meet nieces, nephews, uncles and aunts they didn't know they had.

Magnetic Island was named by Captain James Cook after his compass played up. It's a beautiful place where time seems to slow down as soon as you step off the boat. There are nice quiet beaches, plenty of bird life with and without feathers, wallabies, fish and koalas.

I didn't take many photos but here's a
Google Map of Magnetic Island

Next year I will have to go back again and stay for longer.

Looks idyllic, just what I

Looks idyllic, just what I need at the moment a retreat from urban city life. A nice beachfront property on Horseshoe Bay will do nicely.

Google maps are really quite stunning, I've been having much fun getting one running on a site and despite all the struggles the results are well worth it.

You should really have embedded it though Tony Smile

Friends of ours were up

Friends of ours were up there on the w/e for a wedding. It's funny, but most of our friends in Brizzie are from Nth QLD. We've never actually been there (cos we're not from QLD) - will have to do it one day. In the meantime, we'll make do with going to Fiji in September. Laughing out loud