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Ive only been able to test this on WinXP IE6 and Net7. If anyone can let me know where it falls apart (and Im sure it does) Id appreciate it!

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Site Check Please!

Looks fine in Opera 7. If you're really nitpicky there are some very slight margin/padding problems, but the only reason I noticed them was because I compared it side-by-side with IE6... so I would't worry about it.

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Site Check Please!

Checking with IE 6 on NT... there seems to be some alignment issues with the two scontent DIVs - they're not lining up with the RHS of the main blog content.

Okay... after opening it in NS7.02 I can see the main content is supposed to be in the centre. :oops: I'll try this again.

IE6 (WinNT) - main blog area appearing under scontent DIVs instead of in centre of screen. Two scontent DIVs still not right-aligning correctly.

NS7.02 (WinNT) - Seems to be lining up properly, but the search box is extending outside the DIV.

Hope this helps!