Over the last couple of years one of the fastest growing web technologies has been RSS. RSS along with other similar content syndication formats such as Atom have come from nowhere to become a big part of many peoples live. I for one use a feed reader each morning to check the latest news on the web. It's quicker and easier then visiting all the site I frequent to see if anything new has been published.

One of the new features of this site, that may have been overlooked by many of you, is the syndication ability. Just about everything can be read through a feed reader if you know where to look. At the bottom of many pages you will find this syndicate content image:Syndicate content image which you can right click and 'Copy link location' to your feed reader of choice.

Here is a list of feeds you may find useful.

  • Syndicate contentHome page RSS feed

  • Syndicate contentBlog RSS feed

  • Syndicate contentHow To - RSS feed

  • Syndicate contentBeginners CSS Questions - RSS feed

  • Syndicate contentSite Checks - RSS feed

  • Syndicate contentCSS Styling - RSS feed

  • Syndicate contentCSS Layouts - RSS feed

Hi Tony Has the ability to

Hi Tony

Has the ability to "watch this topic" (receive emails for replies) been superseded by RSS?

sorry if I have missed this!

subscribe to comments

Hi loungepenguin,
Sorry I hadn't enabled the subscription module.
You should now see a 'subscribe to comments' link under each topic, which will send an email.

excellent thanks - really

excellent thanks - really useful.