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Hi.. as a former developper of phpBB's products, i can suggest you, if you will keep phpBB for your forum, to add some tools/mods to it, so we can have places to add some gadgets.

phpBB have a good Download manager, maybe it can be used for templates, specimens, etc...

also, a WebLink manager is avail, so it can keep all references to CSS and other things...

i don't think adding hacks to the forum are useful, or you will have another fan site... no real need to be fancy.

btw, i'm sure you took a look at the code of phpBB and see that the skin is HORRIBLE... lol ... no real intelligent use of CSS, html is built like crap, and it's slow, sql demanding, and... ok, i work for InvisionPower.. lol

these are my suggestions.. Smile

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Thanks Nexia,
I'll have a look at the download manager and web link manager.