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hello woot my first post is a question! iam having problems on my friendster page with the following codes:

BODY{border-style:solid;border-top-width:35px;border-bottom-width:35px;bor der-left-width:35px;border-right-width:35px; border-image:url(C:\Documents and Settings\Stratos-Coupe\The box\My Pictures\Animations\Border.jpeg);background-color:transparent}

- whenever i use this code i see a border but no image.... howcome i wonder? also disregard the image url even though i inputed the valid url format, still no image comes out.

Friendster has a option for you to put music on your page but youll have to push the play button on the media player whenver you would like to hear that music.... so i was just wondering are there any codes out there to make a music play without hitting the play button on the media player? is there anyway to get rid of the media player and just let the music play whenver someone visited my page?

another question is it possible to have a sound triggerd whenever someone hovers over a link?

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Re: Border Image, Background Music, Hover Sounds.

You need to host the picture on the web and then link to it in your css.

Right now you are pointing to a file on your hard drive:C:\Documents and Settings\Stratos-Coupe\The box\My Pictures\Animations\Border.jpeg You must have moved it. Even if you could see it no one else would since it is on your hard drive.