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Hi there people!

Please check out my site. I put a hell a lot effort to it so please comment it so I can develope it further. It is not a functional site but you get the idea.

Here is the address: http://koti.welho.com/tjokine6/index.htm

Please let me know if the site does not work well.

Thank you.


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Please check out my site

'tis good!

I would personally cut down the number of different sections of links - of course you're the one that knows what links there are going to be! But more than two different sections could get confusing - esp. if some are quite small and 'hidden'.

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Please check out my site

my initial impression is that the site is very clean looking and easy to read. i agree with djomp about the navigation though. i guess it would really depend on what you have there, but there seems to be so many different kinds of links that instead of helping the user, it might confuse them more. but like i said, it will depend on what links are actually on the finished product before one can say for sure.

nice work so far, though. Laughing out loud