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Hi guys,

I need help about Friendster !

1) How to put your logo on the top to cover the whole top on your Friendster profile ?

2) Can you teach me how to put the pictures on the right side under your friends list ?

3) How to put banner on the bottom on your Friendster profile ?

Please teach me to use CSS. Not with HTML !

`Cause, Friendster just alowed us to use CSS ....


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your logo on the top and pictures

You need to find out which HTML elements (and their IDs or classes) make up the bits you're referring to and then in your CSS, set a background image for those elements.
As most people on here can't see your pages without signing up (and I don't think there's gonna be too many rushing to either), you're probably going to be on your own figuring the HTML part out.
And before you say: "I told you not to teach me HTML!", I'm not: CSS can do nothing unless it has a piece of HTML to reference.

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