One of the most powerful and underused feature of Drupal would have to be Taxonomy. Taxonomy allows the classification of content via vocabularies and terms. It can help us find related content. The questions often arise on the forum that have been answered before. In many cases the topic author has searched and either through bad search terms or a lack of understanding of the problem was unable to find solutions to similar issues.

The taxonomy system of this site has just been enhanced to allow better categorization of topics, and hopefully to make it easier to find similar issues. For this to work topic authors will have to select or type tags relevant to their issue. For example if the problem was specific to a browser then the author could tag the topic with ie6, or whatever browser is causing problems. Likewise they could tag the topic with position if they were having a position issue.
It would be best if authors don't go too crazy with this and kept it to the most relevant tags, about 3 seems like a good number. If to many are used it would degrade their value. Authors aren't required to select any so we will have to wait and see how useful this can become.

Once content is tagged we can use the tags to refine the advanced search, and use other systems such as a tag cloud to make finding similar issues easier.

I welcome feedback on this new feature and would like to here from users that find entering the tags to difficult, or anyone with suggestions.

Should be a useful feature if

Should be a useful feature if used wisely. Always had an issue understanding Taxonomy as Drupal implemented it and found it awkward to utilise, much better to simply think of it as a tagging system.

Recent posts

I just noticed that it changes the "Type" column value in recent posts. I'll have to revisit how that value comes about.
At least it lets us see that a couple of people are using the tags. The glass is still half full Party

See, I said that taxonomy was

See, I said that taxonomy was a little...