This is an international non-paid support forum. Our members live and work all around the world, and none of them work for CSSCreator forums. Many will have quite different waking and working hours from your own. As a rule of thumb, allow at least 24 hours of a work day before bumping. Do not count weekends. In other words, wait until the same time on the next working day before doing anything. This is especially true if you're thinking of cross posting to another forum.

Our members participate for disparate reasons. Some do so to improve their own skills by studying the causes of and fixes for the problems brought to the forum. Some seek the challenge of solving a puzzle. A few pick only the topics they can answer easily. Some members just need help, and don't otherwise actively participate. You need to allow time for the member/s/ who can help you to see your topic.


And just to add to the

And just to add to the 'reasons for participation' as it's an important one which is omited from the list and one which people should think long and hard about.

Some of us started to help in a belief that cooperation and exchange of knowledge benefits all and is the in the spirit of the development of the technology, and protocols that went to make the internet function as we know it and we wished to see this ethic prosper and return knowledge gained.

Many of us that have been around long enough will remember a time when the tremendous benefits of blogs and forums didn't exist we had to gain our knowledge the hard way scrap by scrap, without benefit of others experience to a large extent.

It is important that people are always respectful of the ethos of forums, that they don't take them for granted and respect the fact that members time is given freely and for no return or personal gain, not to understand this fact is to disrespect the forum community and ultimately can cause it harm as members will come to question why they bother and will turn away from the community thus removing the benefit of their experience as has recently happened with one of the moderator team who decided that they had had enough and removed themselves from the forum.