The end of another of those little eras in the life of the internet.

Geocities has been around as long as I can remember, well quite long.

They shall be missed - erm well maybe not but na speak ill of the dead!

Many of us probably cut our web creation/hosting teeth on this service, it was one of the first web hosts, it feels strangely odd that it's gone.

A slice of history

It's funny how such a large organization can manage to make such a balls up of a takeover Smile

Love this commemorative re-design of this site; it captured the archetypal Geocities style site to a tee.

I would say "you'll be

I would say "you'll be missed" but they removed my first website (built in 1996) ever a couple years back, so I can't say I'm too happy with them. Wink

ooh and we wonder what that

ooh and we wonder what that site could have been about Wink

I had a geocities site with

I had a geocities site with all the cool stuff, animated gifs, automatic switching themes for day and night. It disappeared many years ago, or maybe I just lost track of it.

Ah, geocities. They were the

Ah, geocities. They were the first free host that I remember. They added their script outside of the </html> tag so that we could enjoy their ads.