Sets the font size of an element. Font-sizes can be specified by constants of xx-small, x-small, small, medium, large, x-large, xx-large or by units such as px, pt and em or percentages.
Browsers display font-sizes differently and many can override your settings. It is best to use values that can be resized by the browser and allow for this in your site design.

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When the first choice font-family is unavailable font-size-adjust allows the browser to preserver the aspect value in the next available font by resizing the font to the size of the first preference.
The 'aspect value' is the font-size divided by x-height (height of a lowercase 'x')


Sets the letter spacing of a specified font-family.


Sets whether the font of the element is rendered normal, italic or oblique style.

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Sets whether an elements text should be rendered in all uppercase where the lowercase letters of the text will be rendered in small uppercase.

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