Open Letter to Spammers

Hi there,

Before you post please consider something. We, that is the people that make tech forums like this one viable and useful for the community, keep them alive and provide a little of our experience, and time for free, really do not appreciate people taking advantage of them for what they think is possibly useful SEO gaming, we have to deal with the threads created, wasting our time and more importantly taking the time we may spend helping someone with a genuine need and chucking it away dealing with the utter drivel you post.

Thought of the day: box-sizing

For years many of us struggled to describe the nature of the 'Box Model' to people; of how the various elements were calculated in respect of their dimensions; we explained the issue with IE and the - then named - 'Broken box Model' we explained how this box model differed in it's approach to borders, padding and content width, how to deal with two models, hacks & filters galore, if pressed further we might have gone as far as to try and point out that the W3C gave a reasoning of why the box model had to be broken down - in respect of dimensions - into separate parts as the 'content' had to t

Third party scripts/content

With the ever increasing use of third party calls off site one runs across days when site struggles to finish loading - something I hate.

Case in point today is acting up and two sites I'm currently jumping back and fourth between are failing to finish loading one on a couple of script/content calls. Ok it's not a huge issue as largely the sites do function despite this but at times these unresolving calls can cause dynamic content to fail to load, depending I guess at which stage things start to struggle.

A death knell sounds?

? It certainly feels that way, or am I just in a state of moribund depression over the whole nature of web development and Standards?

Geocities RIP

The end of another of those little eras in the life of the internet.

Geocities has been around as long as I can remember, well quite long.

They shall be missed - erm well maybe not but na speak ill of the dead!

Many of us probably cut our web creation/hosting teeth on this service, it was one of the first web hosts, it feels strangely odd that it's gone.

A slice of history

It's funny how such a large organization can manage to make such a balls up of a takeover Smile

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