Centering Inline Elements Vertically in their Containers

Back a week or so ago, say in May of 2006, Chris..S brought a problem to the forum,

In a nutshell, he needed to have multi-line inline elements align themselves centered vertically in the container. Not a problem with modern browsers, but not so easy with IE.

The problem was solved when IChao (Ingo Chao*) brought an example and an explanation of some work done by Bruno Fasino.

Chris posted a nice demo page, which he seems to have taken down.

Framework reset

I have never really got into using CSS specific frameworks or reset files. Drupal, the CMS I usually build website with, is really web development framework so I didn't see the need to look closer at CSS frameworks. Recently I took the time to have a quick look at what's out there.

Half a million layouts

The layout generator has been quietly chugging away and reached over 500,000 layouts without even a blink. That's a lot of layouts.

Let's put that into perspective by comparing it to the forum. The forum has had around 30,000 topics and nearly 130,000 comments, mostly by Hugo Smile The home page is by far the most popular entry page followed by the layout generator which easily beats the forum and recent posts pages, the next two most popular entry pages, combined.

MySQL Table Manager

Sometime last decade I built a web interface to MySQL using PHP. At first it basically managed records, allowed you to add, delete and modify table data etc. Over time it has evolved into a full database management system that depending on your privileges and settings allows you to:

  • Create or delete a database

  • Create, drop or rename tables

  • Alter table structure

  • Add or drop keys and indexes

  • Add, remove or change the properties of columns

  • Add, modify, search or delete table records

  • Manage users and privileges

Further adventures with Verizon

Last August, I wrote of my frustration with Verizon, my ISP. At the time, I thought the issue fixed. Not so. Sit back, grab a beer, thank the gods you don't—never mind. I've heard the Baby Bell and BT tales, too.

So here's the latest adventure. As you read, note that if a single Verizon employee had simply done their job — nothing extraordinary — just their job, none of this had to happen beyond that point.

In June, 2007, a $1200+ charge showed up on the phone bill as past
due. Since we weren't in arrears, and since the charge was from

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