The layout generator has been quietly chugging away and reached over 500,000 layouts without even a blink. That's a lot of layouts.

Let's put that into perspective by comparing it to the forum. The forum has had around 30,000 topics and nearly 130,000 comments, mostly by Hugo Smile The home page is by far the most popular entry page followed by the layout generator which easily beats the forum and recent posts pages, the next two most popular entry pages, combined.

Since we are on the topic of statistics, Firefox was used by 54.2% of visitors last month. IE combined had 33.8%, IE7 was the most popular IE browser with 20.8%, IE6 had 12.3%

81% of visitors used Windows as their Operating System, XP 64.4% and Vista 13.3%. Mac OS X had 11.1% and Linux only 4.1%

Most of our visitors 54.3% came from direct address or bookmarks, 42% came via search engines, with Google by far the most popular followed by Yahoo and Google Images. Must be those hot avatars because there aren't many other images on the site.

Thanks to all who link back to here and for all those who help out on the forums.

Tony wrote: The forum has

Tony wrote:

The forum has had around 30,000 topics and nearly 130,000 comments, mostly by Hugo Smile


Shame IE still has a relatively high user base especially on this type of forum. Great result for the layout generator, didn't realise it was so popular, probably worth guilding the lily somewhere.

Feel sorry for Linux, just started using Ubuntu which is a more pleasant experience than I remember of Linux from a few years back.

Amazing to me. I don't even

Amazing to me. I don't even think about the layout generator, though I guess someone just getting into css-p would have need for such a tool. 'Grats on providing such a popular web application.

In re Hugo's post count: Just imagine, of all the posts ever made on all the CSSC forums, Hugo has made nearly one of every ten (≈8.5% and rising)!

Users here are less inclined toward Windows than the rest of the world. We're forced into it because of IE, but I'd still expect developers to prefer a more productive environment. There's a higher than world-at-large usage of Mac — due, I suspect, to its DTP/graphics heritage. I am surprised and puzzled Linux's share isn't larger, given its highly productive developer's environment. My own site's stats pretty well mirror yours, 80% Win, 14% Mac and 6% Linux. The browser war goes to Firefox with 61% to IE's 28%.



One in ten As ever with

One in ten Shock

As ever with stats one remembers that these are largely based on the cognoscenti. When the general public user base for firefox takes an undeniable lions share of the market prhaps we'll see MS have to take development far more seriously as they begin to realise that users are growing up and making informed choices.

I suspect that many are like myself where linux is concerned, my early dablings were before the days of package managers where installing an app was something one set aside the day for Smile package managers are something that Linux was always crying out for.

Linux still , to my mind, has issues possibly with gui interfaces though; I was reminded of this when my package manager suffered a hopeless failure and simply would not proceed further with updates and installations and which no end of fafing about could fix until I found cli instructions and running the manager from a console kicked everything back into life with ease and a turn of speed that shamed the GUI interface; Linux desktops are very pretty but in terms of functionality still lag behind Windows or Macs, but I don't really intend that as a criticism!

Now I have gone and hijacked Tony's blog with me ramblings something I calculate roughly that one in two of all my posts were guilty of Smile

I guess we'll just have to

I guess we'll just have to rename Hugo, Mr Ten Percent Wink

Hugo, I think we've reached that point. 6 years without an IE upgrade (or however long it was) now the second upgrade is due in two years. IE8 may bring IE parity with other browsers. Somehow I don't think M$ likes parity, which means there will most likely be an IE9 and IE10.

Is Linux as a desktop that much more productive?
I use Linux, just not (much) as a desktop. My browsing is done from my primary desktop OS, MAC OSX.

Problems on IE8?

Having read this post I thought I'd try the layout generator out.

Everything looked great until I tried to view the generated pages with IE8 or at least IETester pretending to be IE8.

The layout included a header, left and right columns and a footer. I tried numerous options, Strict and Transitional, html 4.01 and xhtml 1.0, full screen and centred. All the layouts display perfectly except in IE8 where there is always a gap between the bottom of the main elements of the page and the footer. The attachment shows the IE8 rendering in the bottom half with the extra line compared with the correct rendering in the top half.

Any ideas what's going on?

ie8.gif 22.15 KB


Hi Jecnag,
Thanks for pointing it out.
It looks like a fix is to remove the clearfix class from div id=twocols.

Clearfix isn't need there as it is twocols is floated.

It will have to tested before any changes are made to the generator. I'm leaving to Sydney for the weekend in an less then an hour. If you have time to test it out in other browsers feel free to report any problems back here.

I'd wait until an official

I'd wait until an official release of IE8 comes out before worrying about making any changes.